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This project was started for a gaming community website which wanted to be able to create some custom BBCode tags aswell as support existing popular BBCode Tag. The idea behind this project is that it allows for the user to define BBCode Tags, possible extending the supplied tags with custom code.

By default the project uses Velocity to parse templates, for more information see

The project has a BBCodeWebsite with some test BBCode rich text (the About section of the gaming community website mentioned earlier) and the definitions for some of the populair tags.

I decided to make this code public for a few reasons;
  • This parser is not yet used on the community website (it is written for the next release basically) and i like it when my code is beeing used.
  • I wouldn't mind improving my coding, i can always learn from the comments of others.
  • I'd like to see this parser grow to become widely used.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the code, please feel free to start a discussion, or contact me. This goes for code improvements or functionality requests. If you are a developer that would like to help make the code better (or add things like Tests etc etc) the same thing applies.

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